Vaccine Exemptions

Millions of Americans are facing vaccine mandates as a condition of employment or educational enrollment. These mandates violate the fundamental right of bodily autonomy and allow discrimination based upon medical status.


For people who want to pursue exemptions, religious exemptions seem to be more effective than medical exemptions in general. 


Regardless of whether you are granted an exemption, we all need to push back against vaccine mandates together. State legislatures have previously tried to remove the religious exemption option, and it is possible they will do so once again. Furthermore, some Federal sites have notified employees that anyone granted a religious exemption will be placed on Leave Without Pay (LWOP).


Medical Exemptions

Many people have reported that medical exemptions are more likely to be denied than religious exemptions.


Some employers are only granting medical exemptions for people who have medical conditions acknowledged by the CDC to be contraindicated for the vaccines (such as anaphylaxis related to specific vaccine ingredients).


You can download a list of healthcare providers that can potentially help with mask and/or vaccine exemptions here:



Religious Exemptions

Here are a few notes and resources for religious exemptions for vaccines:


  • Religious exemptions are unlikely to be approved if they include information about COVID-19 vaccine science. Exemptions are more likely to be approved if they are more general and not related to COVID-19 vaccines specifically.

  • America's Frontline Doctors has many examples of religious exemptions here:

  • Solari Report has forms for students, employees, and parents here:

  • Liberty Counsel has an excellent set of resources for exemptions, including a video, example religious exemptions, what to do if you exemption is denied, etc.:



Example Religious Exemptions

Here are a few examples of religious exemptions that have been approved:

"I have a sincerely held religious belief in the sanctity of innocent human life, pre-birth, to birth, to natural death. I cannot participate in or benefit from abortion, which is murder according to the Bible. All humans – born and unborn – are made in the image of God. Further, my church teaches that I am to abstain from vaccines that defile the temple of the Holy Spirit (our physical bodies) or which are derived from or support the murder of the unborn. Accordingly, I cannot accept any vaccination that is derived from aborted fetal tissue, nor contribute to the bottom line of a manufacturer who sells vaccines that are derived from aborted fetal cells. Even if a vaccine is available that does not utilize aborted fetal cells, if it is sold by a company that also sells vaccines derived from abortion, that company is still profiting from abortion, and I cannot in good conscience benefit from any of its products. I am not aware of any company providing a COVID-19 vaccine that does not profit from the sale of vaccines derived from aborted fetal cell lines. I therefore request an exemption from the mandated vaccine."