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Transgender Affirmation in Schools: Putting Children's Health and Well-Being At-Risk

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Schools are encouraging kids to question their gender, without telling their parents.


Teachers can have a profound influence on how children think. By encouraging gender confusion, the schools can set the stage for permanent harm with medical gender transition.


Every family deserves the right to know what is happening with their children's gender identities. Yet, all too often, this information is being hidden from parents by school administrators and teachers. 

Below is an overview presentation followed by additional facts and resources for your consideration.

NOTE: The prevalence of these issues in schools is one reason some parents are now considering home schooling, hybrid schooling, and school co-ops.

Gender Transition Does Not Reduce Risk of Suicide
4 out of 5 Kids Grow Out of Gender Confusion
Schools Are Encouraging Gender Confusion

Gender Transition Does Not Reduce Risk of Suicide

  • Parents are being deceived with the idea that gender transition will reduce the risk of their child committing suicide.

  • However, gender transition does not reduce the likelihood of suicide.

  • The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people is a 30-year study from Sweden. This study found that:

    • Transgender people have a tendency towards lifelong mental health problems.

    • 10-15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers.


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4 out of 5 Kids Grow Out of Gender Confusion

  • According to Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala (chief psychiatrist of one of Finland's two government-approved pediatric centers), 4 out of 5 children will grow out of their gender confusion. "In adolescence, the construction of identity is just underway and the final outcome of the development is not known, not even for the young person himself." 


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  • According to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, “'Gender-affirming care' in minors is medically and ethically contraindicated because of a lack of informed consent. There are inherently unknown and unknowable long-term risks, and the consequences of removing normal, healthy organs are irreversible."

Schools Are Encouraging Gender Confusion

Some of the ways in which schools are encouraging kids to question their gender and hide it from their parents include the following.

  • Many teachers routinely ask kids what pronouns they want to use, even for children as young as elementary school.

  • Schools have developed gender support plans for students without parental notification.

  • Teachers will use different names and pronouns for kids without telling parents.  This includes changing the student's name and gender in the electronic classroom records with notes to indicate when parents do not know about the child's gender identity.

  • Over 4,600 schools in 30 states have "rainbow libraries" of books that encourage gender confusion from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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  • Teachers are being trained to believe that gender is just a social construct (i.e. a concept that exists not in objective reality, but as a result of human interaction).

  • Students are being trained to "ungender" language by avoiding the use of words such as Mom, Dad, brother, sister, etc.

  • School boards are being trained that "Parental rights end when you decide to send your kids to public school."

  • Some schools have received grants to build "gender closets," where students can change their gender identity at school.

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Transgenderism: Biological Reality vs. Social Contagion?

Transgenderism: Biological Reality vs. Social Contagion?

  • Gender dysphoria was very rare until recently.

  • In recent years, there has been a "sudden, severe spike in transgender identification among adolescent girls."

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  • Historically, gender dysphoria affected mostly middle aged men. Now adolescent girls make up the majority of those seeking gender transition.

  • "There has been a roughly twenty-fold rise in the number of people seeking transition, with teenagers hugely over-represented."

  • There are higher rates of autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, learning disorders, and schizophrenia in people who identify as transgender. 

  • Detransitioners such as Chloe Cole blame social media as one of the main triggers for having mistakenly concluded she was born with the wrong gender.

Health Risks of Gender Transition

Health Risks of Gender Transition

  • Using children's preferred names or pronouns is "not a neutral act" and could be as severe an act as altering their bodies, because it solidifies in their psyches that there is something wrong with their body.  

  • Gender transitioning healthcare is being used to permanently mutilate children's bodies across the country, including removing healthy breasts and sexual organs.

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  • Studies have shown that gender transitioning healthcare (including puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery) increases the risks of:

  • Medical gender transition procedures are "generally irreversible and have a high probability of causing sterilization."

Gender Affirmation Infringes on Girls' Rights

Gender Affirmation Infringes on Girls' Rights

  • In many states, trans students are being allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms that do not match their biological gender.

  • Girls rights to privacy and security are being infringed on by allowing males to use girl bathrooms and locker rooms.

  • Girls are being put at a disadvantage as biologically-male transgender people are being allowed to compete in girls sports.

  • In general, males are physiologically stronger and more powerful than females, regardless of the use of transgender healthcare procedures. 




Gender Affirmation Harms Gays and Lesbians

  • As described in a previous section, 4 out of 5 children grow out of their gender confusion. 

  • Without gender transition, most of the boys who identified as transgender grow up to be homosexual and 88% of them desist from identifying as transgender.

  • 92% of girls who de-transition from being transgender are lesbian or bi-sexual.

  • This puts gays and lesbians at a higher risk of suffering from long-term health problems as a result of medical gender transition medications and surgeries.

Surgery Tools
Gender Affirmation Harms Gays and Lesbians
Steps for Parents to Take

Steps for Parents to Take

Here are a few ways that parents can be proactive in standing up for children's health and well-being.

  • Learn more about what makes children likely to identify as transgender and the appropriate mental health care they should receive in advance of any potential social or medical gender transition. The following video is very helpful for this.

  • Talk to your kids to make sure they are aware of potential transgender issues and will feel safe talking to you when any issues arise.

  • Determine whether your child's teacher and school administrator are likely to support your rights to be informed about what is happening with your child's gender identity.

  • If you determine that your child's school is likely to hide information from you, consider pulling your kids out of public school and placing them in a private school or home school.

  • If you want to help change the situation, here are some options:

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