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Resources for Parents Who Choose Against Vaccination for Their Children


Letters of Due Diligence, Liability, or Objection 

  • You may wish to submit a letter to your children’s school asking them to assume all liability and responsibility if your child is damaged by receiving the COVID vaccination. See this sample from California, which you may wish to adapt.

  • You may also wish to contact your School Board objecting to a vaccine mandate for children in your area. See this sample from California. 


  • Exemption requirements vary from school district to school district and state-to-state. You may wish to consult your Department of Education or Health Department’s web sites for latest regulations, procedures and forms.

  • Here are some helpful links for guidance on writing exemption requests:

o    The Healthy American, Religious Exemptions page

o    Tips for Religious Exemptions PDF

o    Children's Health Defense Example Religious Exemption PDF

o    Liberty Counsel Exemption Resources


Home Schooling

  • Pulling kids out of the school system is an important option, especially in places where children can be vaccinated without parental consent. 

  • Although homeschooling can sound overwhelming, there are many options that can make it do-able including homeschool co-ops, hiring teachers to teach a small group of families, etc.

  • Here is more information about homeschooling.

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