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Does it make sense to push for COVID-19 vaccination of kids?

Unknown Long-Term Effects

  • There has been no long-term safety testing of COVID-19 vaccines. It is not known whether there will be any negative effects in people who have received these vaccines 6 months from now, a year from now, or longer. 

  • It is not known whether these vaccines will have negative impacts on children’s development, nor whether there will be negative effects on their ability to grow up and have healthy children of their own.

Increased Heart Inflammation in Young People After COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Reports are coming out from around the country of teens who have developed heart problems after COVID-19 vaccination [9].

  • The CDC has acknowledged that they are seeing increased rates of heart inflammation in young people who take the shot. [10]

Kids and COVID-19 Risks

  • Kids have a 99.997% survival rate from COVID-19 [1].

  • Less than 1% of kids with COVID-19 require hospitalization [1].

  • According to the CDC, it was safe to re-open schools before vaccines were rolled out [2].

  • Evidence from around the globe has shown that it is safe to operate schools, even in countries that do not require masking, such as Sweden [3].

Kids and COVID-19 Vaccines

  • All three COVID-19 injections include technology that has never previously been approved for use in vaccines (mRNA for Moderna and Pfizer, genetically-engineered adenovirus for J&J).

  • As of October 29th, the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has reports of 18,078 deaths after COVID-19 vaccination, including 28 children ages 12-17 years old. [4].

  • There have been more deaths reported in VAERS after COVID-19 vaccination than there have been deaths reported from all other vaccines combined for a period of 15 years [5].

  • Many of the children who died after COVID-19 vaccination had no pre-existing health problems. Several previously-healthy 13-year-olds died after COVID-19 vaccination due to heart problems. Two fifteen-year-olds who died after COVID-19 vaccination both died of heart failure (VAERS ID 1187918 and 1242573) [6, 7]. A 16-year-old who died after COVID-19 vaccination (VAERS ID 1225942) had a pulmonary embolism (blot clots in the lungs) [8].

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