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Can I Be Required to Give My Kids the Shot?

  • Legal precedent says it is against Federal and international laws to mandate a drug that has not completed clinical trials.

  • However, COVID shots for school kids are now mandated in some places such as California.

CA mandate.png
  • In some states in the USA, children can even be given COVID vaccination without parental consent.[1]

  • In some locations, when children are in school it is considered consent from the parents for their children to receive COVID vaccination. Because of this, you may wish to research the policy in your area.

NM statute.png
  • In some states, unvaccinated children are being required to wear masks or even segregated from their peers.[2]

  • If you don't want your kids to get the shot, consider home schooling, applying for an exemption, submitting a letter of due diligence or liability to your children’s school, or filing a lawsuit. There is more information about all of these options here.

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