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Children's Vaccine Exemptions Are Accepted for COVID-19 Shots in California.


If COVID-19 shots are mandated for school children in California, Personal Belief Exemptions are still an option for now.


California Senate Bill 277 (SB 277) removed the option to file a Personal Belief Exemption for the vaccines currently required for school attendance. However, California law is very clear that if the CDPH does add a new immunization requirement, both medical and personal belief exemptions must be allowed.


According to the California Chapter of Children's Health Defense (CHD), Personal Belief Exemptions must be allowed for COVID-19 shots. This is because these shots do not have full FDA approval for ages 5-15yo and they have not been officially added to vaccination schedule by the California legislature. Click the button below to download the Personal Exemption template from CHD California Chapter.

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