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UPDATE: We made a BIG impact in December 2021!

In December 2021, volunteers in 18 states, 36 cities, and 4 countries worked together to help educate parents about the risks of COVID-19 vaccines for children.

We can see that this effort made a big impact, as hundreds of people all over the USA and in other countries accessed this website and gained access to information about potential risks of vaccines.

Dec AHQ website traffic world map.png

The following was the event page for the December 18th event.  You can see a full list of participating locations at the bottom of this page.

Save the Kids Dec 18(1).png

Will you help parents gain access to the information they need to make informed choices for their children's health? Please join us in an educational outreach event the weekend of December 18th, 2021.


Many parents do not know that kids have extremely low risk from COVID-19 illness, nor that COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials are ongoing until 2024. By distributing informational flyers or cards, you can help save-the-kids in your own community.

  • What: Save-the-Kids Educational Outreach Event

  • When: Weekend of December 18th, 2021

  • Where: Your own city or town

How it Works

Step 1: Download the flyers, cards, and instructions below. 

Step 2: Print some flyers and/or cards on your home printer or at a print shop.

Step 3: Ask friends and family to join you.

Step 4: Serve your community by giving out information on the weekend of December 18th. 

Want to get connected with others who will be serving alongside you on December 18th?

Fill out the form near the bottom of the page and we'll get in touch with you.

​Please Join Us!

Fill out the form below to join the growing list of states and cities who will be serving their communities the weekend of December 18th!

Join Us December 18th

Are you part of a group in your local area?

Thanks for contacting us. We're here to support you and will be in touch soon.

A Growing Movement

People and groups across the country will be working together to Save-the-Kids during the weekend of December 18th, 2021.



  • Tucson




  • Kula







  • Medway



New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Dakota


  • Toledo


  • Colleyville

  • El Paso

  • Fort Worth



  • West River: WAPF Chapter



  • Leesburg

Washington State



  • Canmore, Alberta


  • Mexico City

United Kingdom

  • Edinburgh, Midlothian

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