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Are you worried that you or the people you love are getting sick?

NOTE: Perhaps you received a card that directed you to this web page.
If you'd like to share that card with others, download it HERE to print.


Staying healthy these days may feel like a struggle. Perhaps you know people who have suddenly become ill or died from conditions other than Covid.

Sudden illnesses include heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other degenerative and life-threatening conditions.

We read
 in the news that there is a rash of rapid onset cancer, sometimes called “turbo cancer,” where people suddenly fall ill, are diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, and rapidly pass away.

Article about rapid onset cancer.

People have different beliefs about why this is happening. Some people believe it is from stresses and strains in our environment including radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins that, cumulatively, are hard for the human body to process and eliminate. Some people believe it is from impacts of Covid. Some people believe it is from the Covid vaccine.

We would like to offer information and hope for everyone, regardless of beliefs or prior health choices.

Whatever your health perspectives, most of us can agree that maintaining a healthy immune system and detoxifying from harmful substances, as well as the stresses and strains on our bodies, is a good idea, to help prevent and treat illness, and heal from the physical challenges we already have.

We are sharing information we have received that we find interesting and compelling. It may be useful for immune-system building and detoxification, as well as helping to prevent and treat illness.

NOTE: We are not medical doctors and this is not medical advice. PLEASE, do your own research and educate yourselves about what you believe is best for you and your family. 


For protocols on prevention and treatment please select the following links:

Want more information that addresses specific situations?

Download a spreadsheet with immune-building, prevention, and treatment protocols for different situations.

It is a fundamental human right to seek alternatives for prevention, treatment, and healing.

Want to gather some recent information about health considerations with Covid vaccinations?

You may also wish to read this article from the World Council for Health:


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