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Welcome Sacramento Area Families

We are a group of parents and concerned community members who are resisting the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Our children are facing a mandate imposed by the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) for 12 year olds and up to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, and for all unvaccinated children of any age to be subject to routine Covid-19 testing. 


The deadline to state your child’s vaccination status is looming.  If you do not meet the deadline requirements set by SCUSD, your child will be dis-enrolled from their school and placed in Independent Study.


We parents have gathered together to strategize and support each other in the decisions we make in the face of this mandate.  There is both a personal belief and religious exemption from vaccination currently available for the 12 year old and up students.


We are challenging the legality of the mandate and/or choosing an exemption but with the knowledge it may be revoked by future legislation in California. We are also in conversation about alternatives to the local public school systems. We are organizing today so that we will be strong in number, well networked, and ready for whatever comes next.


Our children’s teachers and all school district staff are facing this same Covid-19 vaccine mandate.


Please reach out to us whether you are a parent, caregiver, community member, or staff member of SCUSD. Together we can support each other and organize in resistance against the mandates!

Click the button below to download a form created to keep your parental rights intact. 
This form can be submitted in lieu of the SCUSD form for the religious and personal beliefs exemption.

Sacramento Area Families


Thanks for contacting us. We're here to support you and will be in touch soon.

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