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NM Home School Support Survey

The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance is researching the best ways to provide support for parents who seek freedom in how they choose to educate their children.


We want to provide information about options for home schooling, school co-ops, and alternative curricula, as well as networking support for collaborative schooling ventures.

This survey will help us understand the educational needs that New Mexican parents currently have for their children, and how we can be of the greatest assistance.

This survey is private and anonymous, unless you choose to share your contact information with us. Please feel free to share the survey with other interested parents.


NM Schooling Alternatives and Homeschool Support Survey


Part 1: Your family and current schooling

Are you currently home schooling, either full or part time?

Part 2: Schooling needs, interests, and support needed

What concerns or challenges do you have about homeschooling? (check all that apply)
Which homeschool topics are you interested in learning about? (check all that apply)
Can we contact you if we have any questions and/or are you interested in providing support to other homeschoolers?

If yes, please provide your contact info below.

Are you interested in teaching one or more homeschool classes per month, either virtually or in-person?

Thank you for filling out the survey! We will send out a compilation of the survey results in a few weeks.

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