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NM Parents Survey about
School Alternatives

Dear Parents and Caregivers for Children in NM,

(Scroll down to the bottom to go right to the survey.
Survey responses are being collected until July 9, 2022)

It's a challenging time for many of you, deciding what is best for your children with respect to their schooling. You may question some of the curriculum provided in schools, while struggling with how you can offer your kids a better alternative. Many parents are in this situation, and some have found or created alternatives.

The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance wants to help parents connect who have similar needs, and provide information about partial or full home schooling, school co-ops, and alternative curricula.

Please complete this survey to help us connect you and other parents to resources, information, and each other.

If you would like us to be able to follow up with you to provide assistance, or send you the results of this survey, include your contact information.

This survey is private and you and your family will not be identified in any way when survey results are shared. Please pass along this survey link to other interested parents.


NM Schooling Alternatives and
Homeschool Support Survey

Important Notes:
Use your down arrow to go down instead of hitting 'return' and skip fields that are not relevant

Part 1: Your family 

Part 2: Schooling needs, interests, and support desired

Are you currently home schooling, either full or part time?
What concerns or challenges do you have with respect to schooling (check all that apply.)
Which topics are you interested in learning about? (check all that apply)

If you would like us to follow up with you or send you the survey results, please provide contact information.
NOTE: No identifying information will be shared about you or your family in survey results.

If you are not already on the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance outreach list, would you like us to include you?

Thank you for filling out the survey! Survey results will be shared by mid July.

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